April 2017 Quarter Newsletter

April 2017 Quarter Newsletter

Welcome, we have a new location…

Danaher Legal is excited to be opening an additional Melbourne CBD office on Monday 1 May 2017 at –


We are thrilled to be offering a convenient new CBD location to meet with our new and existing clients.  We know the central location will be an easier alternative for those working in the CBD or commuting from the north and west of the city.

Our Hawthorn office will continue to be Danaher Legal’s “Head Office” and our professional staff will revolve through the CBD office on a daily basis. We are scheduling our lawyers to be in the city on set days, to meet and introduce themselves to our clients and referrers. The rotation of the lawyers will allow for varying staff expertise to be on offer weekly. Our areas of professional expertise include – litigation, corporate, commercial, property and estate planning.

New second location for Danaher Legal in Melbourne CBD

Meet our new team members

Business growth has seen the Danaher Legal team expand to 11 team members since Dennis opened for business as a sole practitioner in 2011.  Our new members have brought a valuable mix of experience, specialised knowledge and are culturally aligned in respect to Danaher Legal’s solutions and strategic approach to customer service.

Introducing the new team members below, and see their full profiles here: http://www.danaherlegal.com.au/team:-

Simon Young – Special Counsel
Peter Saunders – Senior Lawyer
Naomi McClellan – Lawyer
Lauren Hadolt – Associate
Shalyn Mathew – Receptionist / Legal Assistant

We do things differently…

Danaher Legal is not just a law firm, rather an advisory business that provides solutions and strategies for legal matters. The difference between the two is significant, as it affects how we engage with our clients, referrers and partners.

As an advisory business offering solutions and strategies for legal matters:-

  1. The focus is on you, not us.This is an unusual approach within the legal fraternity.We are committed to improving our engagement with you. Happy clients make good business sense.
  2. We don’t give legal advice like any other law firm. At Danaher Legal we ensure that we ask the following questions during the initial discussion:-It’s our objective to give clear strategies and solutions that achieve your desired outcome, within a specific timeframe and for a clearly defined fee.
    • What do you want to achieve?
    • When do you need it done?
    • What level of advice do you wish to receive? (Quick and concise or in-depth and complex)
    • What price do you have in mind?
  3. We know that one size does not fit all. Not everyone wants the Kia (level of legal advice) and likewise, not everyone wants the Rolls Royce (level of legal advice). We can offer solutions and strategies that suit all budgets, client risk positions and business types.  We will tailor a solution that is right for the client.
  4. Unlike other law firms, we will be very clear on:-
    • What outcome we will offer
    • The timeframes in which we will deliver the outcome
    • The fee you will pay for the outcome.
  5. Unlike other law firms, we do not think we are above you and we don’t look down on you. We work with you. Accordingly, if we don’t meet your expectations, we envisage that you will let us know. In fact, we want you to. As an advisory business, we are committed to making each and every client engagement the best it can be. Guaranteed.
  6. The Telstra Business Awards recognised Danaher Legal as a successful business. Accordingly, would you want to seek an outcome from a business that was not successfully performing themselves?
  7. We spend a lot of our time understanding our clients’ businesses. Cash flows, budgets, staffing, bad debtors, business development, products and services, quality control and the stress of operating a business are all factors that affect the bottom line results and accordingly, we are interested in how our clients are dealing with these issues. We also look objectively at the business, to identify potential business opportunities, exposures and risks. We then put our clients in touch with other professionals in our trusted network who will provide solutions and strategies for the clients for an array of circumstances (insurance, finance, accounting, financial planning, mortgage brokers, real estate agents, buyers/sellers advocates, surveyors etc.).
  8. We are committed to being better at doing business. As part of this:
    • We have sought the input of an external Business Coach for the last 3 years
    • We have engaged consultants to improve our communication internally and externally
    • We have engaged a consultant to improve the quality of our client discussions
  9. Lastly, we are not content to rest on our laurels. We are constantly seeking to improve and grow. Opening an additional office in the CBD is part of this strategy, as is increasing staffing levels.

As an advisory business providing solutions and strategies to legal matters, we want a strong relationship with you our clients, referrers and partners, so that we can both grow and be successful together.

Dennis Danaher

Binding Financial Agreements (BFA)

What is a BFA?
Under the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth), parties to a marriage or de facto relationship can enter into a Binding Financial Agreement (BFA) which stipulates how their property and financial assets will be dealt with during and/or after the relationship.

Who can enter into a BFA?
Any party to a marriage or de facto relationship. This includes parties to same-sex relationships.

When can you enter into a BFA?
A BFA can be entered into before, during or after a relationship.

When should you enter into a BFA?
Parties should seriously consider entering into a BFA when:

  • One or both parties have significant assets prior to the commencement of the relationship;
  • One or both parties are expecting an inheritance;
  • It is or is going to be a “blended family”; or
  • The parties are separating.

What are the benefits of a BFA?
Going to court is often time consuming, costly and the outcomes can be uncertain. While BFAs are not infallible, they can minimise the risk of court proceedings on the issues they address.

You should consider a Binding Financial Agreement (BFA) if you are –

  • Starting a new romantic relationship
  • Wanting to secure your financial interests
  • Ending a relationship
  • Wanting to avoid litigation to separate your assets
  • Wanting to provide more financial security to the children from your first marriage when moving onto your next

If you would like any further information of BFAs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you have any queries please call 1300 363 314 to discuss.

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