Our Fees


At Danaher Legal we work hard to provide our clients with ‘value for money’ legal solutions. We charge a reasonable fee that is commensurate with the quality of advice that we provide to our clients. We believe that our clients benefit exponentially from our hands on, personal and commercial approach.

At Danaher Legal you not only receive high quality legal advice but you have a partner with your interests.

Law can be a minefield – areas such as Wills and Conveyancing may seem simple on the surface but can easily become complex and stressful if you do not have an experienced legal professional handling your matters.

The costs you may incur later to rectify poor or incorrect advice include:

  1. More legal fees to rectify the problem created by the first adviser (this has got to make you mad)
  2. Duty – transferring assets generally incurs duty unless an exemption applies
  3. Capital Gains Tax – unless an exemption applies
  4. GST
  5. Bank fees. Changing ownership of property with a bank can be expensive
  6. Accountants and other professional adviser fees

Our view is to do it right the first time and benefit in the long run. Doing it right means knowing the law and knowing our clients and their needs.

Paying legal fees always hurts the hip pocket. That is why I encourage you to get the right advice from the start. The right advice initially may save you significantly in the long run. Not just financially but with peace of mind.

Dennis Danaher, Principal Lawyer, Danaher Legal

Below are two examples of the need to obtain the right advice



Jack and Sarah purchased a block of land in Footscray on which they were going to build their dream home. They used Bob’s Best Conveyancing because he was the cheapest. Not long after buying Jack came to see us saying he was concerned about things. Upon closer inspection we advised Jack that he paid $35,000 in GST (that he should not have paid and for which he couldn’t get a refund) and 2 metres of the neighbour’s house was built on his land. Jack was not happy. Jack and Sarah ended up spending a lot of money in legal fees and it took 2 years to get the matter finalised. All up the clients paid approx. $40,000 in expenses that could have been avoided had they obtained the right advice the first time.


Jan was looking to buy a property off the plan in Camberwell for over $1million. Jan paid for 1.5 hours of advice from us and we saved her approx. $20,000 in interest that stayed in her bank account. Rather than paying the deposit by cheque we advised Jan to pay the deposit by Bank Guarantee and we then assisted Jan to obtain the best rate of interest on the $100,000 plus deposit that stayed in her bank account.